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"But they. ain't no tellen. Some said as how Maman-ti,
when the wagons camped outer Sill, prayed and put a strong
medicine on Kicken Bird to die. Then Maman-ti died his-
self fer putten medicine on ernuther Kiowa. But agin, maybe
Kicken Bird's heart was broke in two. Maybe Kicken Bird's
heart broke in two lak a .flint rock when you put hit in the
hot fire. Suppose now, take you or me. Suppose when the
trouble started round here, and the ride-en, you'd a-seen how
hit would be, how our folks would be a-butten their heads
on the stone, and Captain Todd's boy with the blood runnen
outer him, and men layen dead, and you'd turned in the
doc to the law, Doctor MacDonald, and him yore friend,
and Mr. Christian. Wouldn't yore heart a-broke in two,
and hit in the hot fire? But they's that in a man makes him
go with his folks when the time cornes, and stand by his'n.
But Kicken Bird, they ain't no tellen. But hit's sumthen fer
a man to study on.

" Hit was in May they taken them Indians away from Sill,
and me and Mingo hit out agin. Buffalo hunten agin. But
we didn't do so good that year. They was peteren out. That's
what made them Indians so durn bad, some folks said, them
buffalo goen. They didn't git no vittles then, but what the
gov'mint give 'em, and hit spiled more'n lak. We taken
what we could find, but the time was goen in Oklahoma.
We done what we could, but the time was a-goen, Mingo
got lak I'd ne'er seen him git a-fore. We'd sight buffalo, and
he'd go nigh loco. 'Burn, God durn,' he'd say? his voice
lak a man prayen,' God durn the bastuds/ And his eyes with
a shine in 'em lak a man got the fever. 'Durn/ he'd say,
'what you a-waiten fer, you Kentuck bastud?' and we'd
move out on 'em. Light or dark, he'd be at hit. Past sun,
I seen him, and not light fer a man to aim by. Him
a-waste-en lead, and them Sharp's evermore et lead lak a hog
slop. Two ounce the slug, and powder to back hit * Mingo,*
I says to him, ' hit's a wilful waste.' ' I'll cut yore scaggly
thote,' he said, and ne'er said one more word all night

"We come outer Brazos and up Kansas way.   'They's